Muslim Theological and Moral Imagination in an Age of Contingency

    The Madrasa Discourses Project, which has sough to equip select students of Islam in India and Pakistan with greater theological and scientific literacy in the service of human dignity, is gathering scholars to support the project in reflecting on the curriculum and ways forward. The June 14-16, 2019 Symposium, held at the University of Notre Dame, will feature four Madrasa Discourses faculty and four external scholars contributing chapters on contemporary Islamic scholarship, and eight respondents offering additional questions and connections between theory and practice.

    Concept Paper:
    MD June 2019 Symposium Concept


    Kecia Ali
            Responses by Mahan Mirza and Lailatul Fitriyah
            Responses by Ebrahim Moosa and Ali Mian
            Responses by Saadia Yacoob and SherAli Tareen
            Responses by Kecia Ali and Indira Gesink
            Responses by Marcia Hermansen and Bilal Ibrahim
            Responses by Mashal Saif and Mohammad Fadel
            Responses by Ammar Khan Nasir and Mun’im Sirry
    Saadia Yacoob
            Responses by Waris Mazhari and Jawad Qureshi

    Tentative Schedule

    Jun 14:            Arrivals (morning or early afternoon) | 4:00 Project Welcome | 4.30-6.30 Grp 1 | Dinner
    Jun 15:            10:00 Grp 2 | 12:00 Lunch | 1:00 Grp 3 | Break | 3:30 Grp 4 | Dinner
    Jun 16:            9:00 Closing plenary | Short video interviews for curriculum site (optional) | Departures

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Contending Modernities