University of Notre Dame Press Contending Modernities Series

As a collaboration between the Contending Modernities initiative and the University of Notre Dame Press, the Contending Modernities series seeks through interdisciplinary publications to generate new knowledge and greater understanding of the ways in which religious and secular forces interact in the modern world. Books in this series may include, but are not limited to, monographs and edited collections that explore the ways in which Islam, Catholicism, and secularism engage and encounter each other today.

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Religion and Broken Solidarities
Feminism, Race, and Transnationalism

Atalia Omer and Joshua Lupo (2022)

Authority, Community, and Identity

The Politics of Gender Reform in West Africa
Family, Religion, and the State

Ludovic Lado (2023)

Pastoral Power, Clerical State
Pentecostalism, Gender, and Sexuality in Nigeria

Ebenezer Obadare (2022)

Who Are My People?
Love, Violence, and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Emmanuel Katongole (2022)

Indonesian Pluralities: Islam, Citizenship, and Democracy

Robert Hefner and Zainal Bagir, Eds. (2021)

Islam and Christian Muslim Relations: Contending Modernities in Indonesia


Science and the Human Person

Community, Personhood, and Bioethics in Modernity: Catholic, Muslim, and Secular Thinkers in Dialogue


Bioethics, Social Justice and the Human Person

 Bioethics, Social Justice and the Human Person: Catholic, Muslim and Secular Thinkers in Dialogue


Global Migration & the New Cosmopolitanism 


Inclusive Populism

Inclusive Populism
Creating Citizens in the Global Age

Angus Ritchie (2019)

Making Multiculturalism Work

Making Multiculturalism Work: Enabling Practical Action Across Deep Difference 

David Barclay (2013)

Taking Back the Streets

Taking Back the Streets: Citizens’ Responses to the 2011 Riots

Angus Ritchie and Caitlin Burbridge (2013)

Faith and the Politics of 'Other'

Faith and the Politics of ‘Other’: Community Organising Amongst London’s Congolese Diaspora

Caitlin Burbridge (2013)

Democratising Decmocracy

Democratising Democracy: Does Community Organising Increase the Quality of Democracy Within a Capitalist Paradigm?

Caitlin Burbridge (2013)

Community Organising and Congregating Values

Community Organising and Congregating Values

Ruhana Ali (2013)

From Goodness to God

From Goodness to God: Why Religion Makes Sense of our Moral Commitments

Angus Ritchie (2012)

A New Covenant of Virtue

A New Covenant of Virtue

Ruhana Ali, Lina Jamoul, and Yusufi Vali (2012)

Other Publications by Contending Modernities Scholars


The Idea of Progress and Its Discontents publication cover

The Idea of Progress and Its Discontents in Islamic Thought

Ebrahim Moosa (2022)

Scriptural Polemics

Scriptural Polemics: The Qur’an and Other Religions

Mun’im Sirry (2014)

Oxford Handbook Of Religion, Conflict & Peace

Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict & Peace

Edited by Atalia Omer, R. Scott Appleby, and David Little (2015)