Science and the Human Person

Bioethics, Social Justice and the Human Person

PDF Bioethics, Social Justice and the Human Person: Catholic, Muslim and Secular Thinkers in Dialogue


Global Migration & the New Cosmopolitanism 

Making Multiculturalism Work

PDF Making Multiculturalism Work: Enabling Practical Action Across Deep Difference 

David Barclay (2013)

Taking Back the Streets

PDF Taking Back the Streets: Citizens’ Responses to the 2011 Riots

Angus Ritchie and Caitlin Burbridge (2013)

Faith and the Politics of 'Other'

PDF Faith and the Politics of ‘Other’: Community Organising Amongst London’s Congolese Diaspora

Caitlin Burbridge (2013)

Democratising Decmocracy

PDF Democratising Democracy: Does Community Organising Increase the Quality of Democracy Within a Capitalist Paradigm?

Caitlin Burbridge (2013)

Community Organising and Congregating Values

PDF Community Organising and Congregating Values

Ruhana Ali (2013)

From Goodness to God

PDF From Goodness to God: Why Religion Makes Sense of our Moral Commitments

Angus Ritchie (2012)

A New Covenant of Virtue

PDF A New Covenant of Virtue

Ruhana Ali, Lina Jamoul & Yusufi Vali (2012)

Other Publications by Contending Modernities Scholars


Scriptural Polemics

Scriptural Polemics: The Qur’an and Other Religions

Mun’im Sirry (2014)

Oxford Handbook Of Religion, Conflict & Peace

Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict & Peace

Edited by R. Scott Appleby, David Little and Atalia Omer (2015)