Intellectual Frameworks for Engaging Secularism and Religion Today.

Are you looking for short and accessible essays to introduce students to ideas related to religion, secularism, decoloniality, and more? Are you looking for a guide to help you kickstart a new research project? Do you wonder how to use the diverse content from the Contending Modernities blog in your classes?

Since 2010, the Contending Modernities Blog has been a place for scholars from diverse geographical, disciplinary, and religious backgrounds to engage lay and academic publics alike on issues pertaining to religion and secularism in the modern world. While initially focused primarily on how Catholics and Muslims engage secularism in modernity, the blog has since grown to include voices from a wider variety of religious traditions and from marginalized groups the world over. In recent years, the blog has brought decolonial theory into the conversation with religion and secularism in ways that push the boundaries of these concepts and invite a more robust normative engagement with issues of social and political justice.

In this section we present our educational modules, which aim to synthesize and recontextualize the research and reflections curated by Contending Modernities so that they can be of use to those teaching on topics related to religion, secularism, and modernity. We offer some concrete ideas about how to pair readings to particular issues on which our experts have written.

Our hope is that these modules will be a resource for educators who wish to engage these issues with timely and pioneering research. In addition to the modules gathered here, forthcoming is a glossary with key concepts that reappear throughout the modules. We invite you to browse these modules as you contemplate what to include in your syllabi, where to start on a new research project, or where to send students who are interested in these topics.

Are you using our modules and/or blog posts in the classroom? Have any suggestions for us? If so, please let us know at