“Modern War” in Catholic Peacebuilding Discourse


Tension can be productive. Certainly, there are resources even within the just war tradition itself on which those interested in promoting the development of peacebuilding practices might draw. In addition to the practice of including more participants from areas and groups historically excluded from Church conferences and conversations, the maintenance of these competing views of the moral status of modernity may thus be a means of facilitating dialogue and new development within the Catholic community itself. Read the full article »

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Contending Modernities at UNESCO


On 19 May our research on community organising in East London was presented to an audience of around 300 people at a UNESCO Conference on Alternatives to Extremism: Cooperation Among the Communities of Different Religious Faiths in Multinational Cities in the organisation’s Paris headquarters. The event was co-sponsored by the Permanent Delegations of Lithuania and the U.K., and the Woolf Institute. It brought together scholars, expert stakeholders, NGO representatives, and ambassadors to UNESCO. Read the full article »

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Tentacles of the Leviathan? Nationalism, Islamophobia, and the Insufficiency-yet-Indispensability of Human Rights for Religious Freedom in Contemporary Europe


In multiple cases across Europe, a growing list of rulings by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) converges on an apparent consensus: the expanding presence of Islam throughout Europe presents a pronounced challenge to Western conceptions of secular law and human rights. Read the full article »

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