Catholics, Muslims and secularists in Quebec: Citizenships in tension in the aftermath of the Quiet Revolution


The proposed bill on a Charter of Quebec Values, introduced in 2013, generated great tensions, sparking criticism of the Government of Quebec, and igniting public debate on religion, public ethics, and citizenship. However, the proposed bill also served to broaden citizen participation and acted as a catalyst for mobilization and networking across religious associations and institutions. Read the full article »

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The un-Dutchable challenge of pluralism


In recent years pluralist co-existence has been pushed to the center of political and social discussion in the Netherlands, as once “received” understandings of integration, including various models of multiculturalism, are called into question. For Dutch society, otherwise known for its pragmatism and tolerance, the path forward to a more effective pluralist co-existence remains uncertain. Read the full article »

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Struggling to mieux vivre ensemble: The sobering reality of France’s new plurality


2015 was a devastating year for France. The horrific Paris attacks of January and November gave rise to a climate of fear, suspicion, and social distrust, and present formidable and as of yet unresolved challenges for leaders and social actors to find new and more effective strategies to mieux vivre ensemble (live better together). Read the full article »

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Los Angeles: A microcosm for national conversations on religion, public life and deep diversity


The city of Los Angeles—a diverse, cosmopolitan, dynamically changing landscape—provides unique insights into how American Muslim and Catholic communities are engaging with the new plurality at different stages of their respective historical evolutions in the ever-changing American religious and legal-ethical landscape. Read the full article »

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The new western plurality and citizen co-existence


Over the past generation the unprecedented expansion of migration to Western countries has coincided with the global revitalization of religion. These two developments have raised deep questions about received values and practices of pluralist co-existence in Western societies—questions that are likely to remain at the heart of political and social debate in Western societies for some years to come. Read the full article »

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A Muslim response to Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical: Laudato Si’


Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care For Our Common Home is undoubtedly one of the most important interventions in twenty first century campaigns for environmental justice. Muslims can and should engage substantively with Laudato Si’ in order to build broad solidarity with meaningful global commitments for the collective good, through responsible stewardship of the earth. Read the full article »

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